Welcome to the Ava Jane Makeup Artistry makeup, beauty and fashion blog.  My name is Jane, and I am a freelance makeup artist based in Melbourne Australia.

I am super excited to start this blog and bring to all my followers (yes you, please follow me), makeup tips, product reviews, tutorials and general chit-chat about anything makeup, beauty and fashion related.

So why have I started this blog?  Well not simply because I just love makeup, but because I wanted to have an outlet where I could give an honest opinion on a product or service, share my thoughts, impart my knowledge and hopefully help someone out there make a wise decision if wanting to invest their money into a product.

Having previously worked in the corporate retail world for more than 15years, I spent my long arduous days communicating, communicating and doing a bit more communicating. So whether I was on the phone, sending emails, writing articles, in meetings, or when I could squeeze it in, catching up with the guys and gals for a coffee, I was communicating in some way shape or form.

I left the corporate world in 2011 and have honestly never looked back. (heel click).  So fast forward to 2014, going from the corporate world to full time Mum and part time freelance makeup artist, my mind is becoming overloaded and is filling fast with thoughts and ideas that must be released.

My husband (god love him), is really my biggest fan and probably knows more about makeup brands than most females; but there’s only so much he can take.  My two kids (Ava, 6 and Benjamin, 2) are of course more interested in Peter Pan, Lego, Trampolines, Bikes and how they can convince mum for another special treat!

So this is where you all come in, I write, you read and hopefully you get to enjoy and learn something new along the way.

So until next time…

Jane xo

Welcome to the Ava Jane Makeup Artistry Blog

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